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FIX: Anope Win32 IRC Services

If you see anope irc services win32, the following blog post will help you.

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    Latest News: Version 2.0.10 Anope

    Published August 9, Sadie

    Version 21 of Anope 2.0.A 10 has been released, containing bugs, mostly but also some additional features.

    Added support for SQLines InspIRCd
    channels on.Change default protocol module for inspircd20 and inspircd3
    Change the character set used by the process from irc2sql and chanstats to utf8mb4
    Fix your own typos in messages
    Fixed receive can overwrite MAXLIST InspIRCd
    Fixed crash on startup when trying to update SQL databases without scale id in market
    Fixed ERROR message about squit
    not being removed.Fixed incorrect iterator when deleting various bots
    Fixed harmless compiler warnings
    Fixing Webcpanel using forwarded IP address
    Don’t show account name in nickserv/info

    AuthorSubject: Problem With Chanserv!protect (Win32.v1.7.13) (read Time 7163)

    OK, where to start:+
    Yes, I think I should say which version and ircd we are currently using

    Anope.IRC.Services.Win32. v1.7. Development 13 Release Too and positive Unreal ircd.IRCD.Win32.v3.2.4 (yes I use winblows, I know I have to use *nix some version but a bit I’m a GUI boy lol) Well number one, a bit i’m not good with Ou anope IRCD Hat (it was interesting to learn from past experience :D There is a last minnor , thanks (laughs) or looks like the command used is !protect, now that i’m identified as the originator of the chain, !protect and !protect alias works well, but these statements don’t seem to work with ;( cop. i have one which I’ve always wondered if asked if it’s your fault or if !protect saves over, control is limited to unichannel providers only (although Chanserv supports countries like this:

    anope irc services win32

    -ChanServ- Syntax: PROTECT [# [channel nick]]
    -ChanServ- Protects the selected nickname associated with the channel.On the other hand, if an alias is specified,
    -ChanS server- will protect you. Esland the channel and nick are not busy,
    -ChanServ- will protect you on every channel you are on, provided that you
    -ChanServ- take the rights.
    -ChanServ- By the standard, finally, for the founder for the SOP, or those or those with a
    -ChanServ level and a ten at the top of the channel to protect you.

    Any information on this is sometimes greatly appreciated  Src=


    Are they on the support list or are they level 10?
    (/cs sop #roomname alias add and Access #roomname /cs alias add Guy 10)

    what are these nixservs id did?


    There, when listing a handout (I actually don’t use access levels) and yes, this one at the moment nicknames are identified on Nickserve (conducting a log channel to make sure of this, too, constantly, comparing them with those who, say, I identified myself there), I even saved another nickname and added it to the actual feed list, then went back to the new saved nickname ( told the nickserver) and that !protect does this in combination with the alias !protect it doesn’t work. For

    thanks, lone wolf replied Alt=”:)”


    I size=”1″>

    not quite sure how to compile on windows machine.


    the best linux machine you have an array, prefix &~ instead of just / +%@

    Your unrealistic compiled /installed with specific prefix & ~?

    Yes, gif”>connected

    The only way around this should be to compile your your own Win32 setup, if you want to omit the ~
    prefix (there is & a great website where you can get the latest compiled version of Win32 without the & ~ prefix, go to irc server for more info)This is about, for those who might be interested, there really is no support for this)
    and the lenders out there on the unreal IRC server don’t provide any advanced support for any source or mod version related to the unreal
    *cough, I should just get my ass up and *nothing is loading from fr and unrealistic so that’s it lol


    anope irc services win32

    lol, I never post while half asleep! the author of the article anyway, and !op nick works fine, I can live with the fact that I ‚¬Å¾Ã‚ ¢ prevented my balls (wind-drop-bot) from being a whore one and deop’n everything. Users, most of whom are scum, if they don’t automatically set +ao when joining (usually because they call nickserv after joining), they can just make a nice /hop and have chanserv(bot) set with +ao (secure)


    By the way…

    K Every time a good soldier gets a nod to #channel, he is dropped by a bot!
    Consider the possible reasons: < /p >

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  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • a) If vh1 is used by a special subscriber that is not visible in the ChanServ tunnel), (for example, Finally, you must ensure that the allow-desync setting is set to exactly 1 in your own bot’s config file.

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