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Easiest Way To Fix Taskdef Reference Not Found

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    Today’s user guide has been written to help you when you get the ant taskdef reference not found error.

    block> BUILD D:xxxxxtrunkproject-javabuild failed.xml:25: reference to task.path n not found.

    Well, where is the task.path class path in the build.xml file?

    If you describe a task using , you need to do a few things:

  • You must specify the JAR file that currently contains the existing task.
  • You need to specify the containing class, company, and you will find it in some jars. This can be done in two ways:
  • You say it’s a com.foo.bar class. Then mytask give it a name.
  • You can set up a resource in a bundle (either a property or a file or a file, a single XML) that roughly specifies which class each resource="org/tigris/subversion header is associated with (which /svnant/svnantlib .xml" does the same.
  • Finally, you need to specify exactly how to find this JAR file.
  • The last person you miss. You provided a private classpath reference named task.path and did not actually define that classpath.

  • You can put the in file in the $ant_home/lib jar directory. If you define a method with , Ant automatically looks normal. I don’t like this because it means the good guys are creating stores on other users’ computers, which means they might not have that ship installed.

  • You can specify the classpath, find it.

  • ant taskdef reference not found

    This is my preference and I usually get it.


    In someone else’s project, create a directory labeled $basedir/antlib/svnant and place the Jug files that come with this SVNAnt role in that five directory. Thus, all the necessary jar files to support the creation of an additional task are located here in your project. When someone checks your project from this version control system, they automatically get our own required task files.

    I’ve placed everything for my optional ant task in tanks in the $basedir/antlib directory and placed each in its own directory anywhere in the directory. Are you

    Remember, among other things, you must specify a class that contains a commonth task.This is what org/tigris/subversion/svnant/svnantlib.File xml looks like for you by default in svnant.jar:

             name="svnNormal"   name="svnReplaced"    classname="org.tigris.subversion.svnant.selectors.Replaced" />  Name="svnmodified" Classname="org       Name = "svnDeleted"   name="svnExists" 

    You need to create a task map with task names that you can enter in class-jars.

    An Overview Of WebLogic Web Service Ant Tasks

    Ant is typically a Java-based build tool, similar in terms of the make command, but much more powerful. ant uses the xml based build machine (named build.xml by default) to participate in tasks written in Java. Oracle provides a number of ant tasks to help you create important web service related artifacts.

    The Apache website provides other users with Ant tasks for useful EAR files, WAR packages, and EJB JARs. For more information, see the apache Ant manual at http://jakarta.apache.org/ant/manual/.The following table

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  • which gives you an overview of the web planning tasks provided by Oracle.

    ant taskdef reference not found

    The Jakarta apache website only publishes information about the latest Ant style to the Internet, which may differ from the version of Ant shipped with WebLogic Server. To determine the version of Ant, often associated with WebLogic Server, run the following:The general command after setting up this WebLogic environment:

    Command Line > Ant Version

    To view our version-specific documentation, download ant, the From Ant http://archive.apache.org/dist/ant/binaries/ ZIP file and extract it from the actual documentation. .

    Ant Mission Description


    Generates Service stubs and other types of client-side artifacts used to call a good web service.

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