English · February 26, 2022

Having Trouble With Comodo Firewall Blocking Svchost.exe?

Over the past week, some of our readers have come across an error message that comodo Firewall is blocking svchost.exe. This problem is caused by many factors. Now let’s discuss some of them.

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    After I installed the Comodo firewall, I noticed that svchost was trying to connect to a certain website. The first question is how best to manage it. I almost understand that something else is being implemented, which could be good or bad. What I actually need to know is what is actually trying to activate since svchost is usually just a catalyst for that actual application. What should I do about this?

    In one particular case, I have a verified IP address that it first tried to connect to, which turned out to be Microsoft, meaning Windows is calling home. About what is this? this


    Go to the “Protection” section and then click “Show active processes in a list”. There you should see that svchost has grown to show processes and after (the pid of the process that tmust also associate the pid with the process’s task manager). There are * * better job search programs out there if you really want more information on what’s going on.

    You can also write down the IP address that no doubt connects to svchost and run a query to see . I know svchost connects to Microsoft for IPv6 as well as other windows updates for legitimate reasons… Absolutely not as labeled as homepage.

    In one case, allow everything on a case-by-case basis (don’t put a big checkmark in the “remember” box while you’re learning what other processes might be private.

    comodo firewall blocking svchost.exe

    Lenny V.


    Thank you, Lenny. I already noticed the list of active processes in the summary report, which said: “X (number) of applications are running and active.” Clicking directly on this number will also display a list of active processes. I can’t find user information in this

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  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
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  • directory about which program SVCHOST is porting. I see a choiceprocess, but I don’t know the best way to get more information using this number.

    I also have and use Sysinternals Process Explorer which gives a little more information. I’m always confused when I’m asked if I just want to enable or disable SVCHOST and I don’t have more information about it. I don’t know if the svchost permission can be legal for all applications, in which case it seems to me that a malware could use SVCHOST to communicate with the outside world. This seems to help me, although authorization must be used due to the SVCHOST program.

    Or maybe I don’t quite understand how it works.


    In most cases, svchost.exe is used to check for available updates.

    I just have svchost.exe to access remote ports 78 and 443, here you can sell addresses from microsoft servers, don’t know which company it is (update).
    Also used for DNS Resolve UDP – Required 53 If you use a DNS service like Microsoft, focus on DNS resolution. When the clock was last synchronized over UDP – 123.


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    Thank you. I have already noticed the list of running processes on the summary where page, this item says “X (number) of applications are up to date and running”. If you click on this large list area, the active people will also be edited.

    In this list, I didn’t find any specific information about the running SVCHOST program. I can see the process number, but don’t know how to include other information when using that number.

    I also need to use the Sysinternals Process which explorer gives a little more information. It usually still confuses me that people ask me if I just want to allow svchost or block it and I don’t have more information on that. then a dangerous program can useSVCHOST for its external build. It seems to me that the permission to use the SVCHOST platform in general should apply.

    Or maybe I just don’t understand how things work at all.

    Of course, once you see it was explained this way. There will be svchost the same, such as a truck or transporting multiple packages/containers. At the checkpoint, you don’t need to check every package on the way, only your truck or train, because the kits are already checked individually before they are driven into the truck/train. Svchost works by running multiple DLL localization processes at the same time. .EXE processes run on their own, while .DLL processes require only one medium, so they are grouped tightly in the Svchost of the Once.exe process.

    Your scan with everything and files, you run it in Computer. run an AV scan to check all processes to make sure some of them aren’t malicious… but the firewall itself still lets you control whether they should automatically manage their connection to the internet. Subject to correct useAV Analyzer Any file that is launched (or actually opened) in a malicious file can be intercepted by the Real-time Audio Video Analyzer.

    comodo firewall blocking svchost.exe

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