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Fixed: How To Fix Visual Studio 2008 Error C2065.

Here are some easy ways to fix Visual Studio 2008 error c2065.

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    There are many possible causes for this leadership error. The most common causes with C2065 are that the id has not yet been declared, the id is misspelled, the header where the id is still declared is missing from your current file, or the id is missing a scope qualifier like cout and unexpectedly instead from std::cout .

    error c2065 visual studio 2008

    Compiler provided by MSVC 15.0.30729.1
    Find a C compiler that interfaces with: Visual Studio is looking for 2008
    Check if the C compiler works when usingCalled: Visual Studio 9 2008 – Works
    Finding C
    Compiler ABI InformationDiscovery of C Compiler ABI Information – Done
    Unable to execute ZLIB (Missing: ZLIB_LIBRARY ZLIB_INCLUDE_DIR)
    BZip2 could NOT be found (missing: BZIP2_LIBRARIES BZIP2_INCLUDE_DIR)
    LZMA could NOT be found (missing: LZMA_LIBRARY LZMA_INCLUDE_DIR)
    LZO2 could NOT be found (missing: LZO2_LIBRARY LZO2_INCLUDE_DIR)
    Could not find LZ4 (missing: LZ4_LIBRARY LZ4_INCLUDE_DIR)
    Run the HAVE_DIRENT_H
    testRunning HAVE_DIRENT_H test – error
    Running the HAVE_SYS_NDIR_H
    testRunning test HAVE_SYS_NDIR_H – error
    Run the HAVE_NDIR_H
    testRunning HAVE_NDIR_H test – error
    Running the HAVE_SYS_DIR_H
    testTest in progress – error have_sys_dir_h
    Find the file Hug sys/types.h
    Find manually include file sys/types.h Found
    Search – include mp3s sys/types.h, acl/libacl.h
    Search included files sys/types.h, acl/libacl.-s not found
    Search for included videos sys/types.h, ctype.h
    Personal search for files sys/types.h, ctype.h – found
    Looking for 3 control files sys/types.h, …, copyfile.For h
    Search for various included files sys/types.h, …, copyfile.h – doesn’t always find
    Find 3 inclusionsmy files sys/types.h, …, direct.For h
    find 3 insurance files sys/types.h, …, direct.h – find
    Find the 4 include files sys/types.h, …, dlfcn.h
    Search for 4 include files sys/types.h, …, dlfcn.h – found
    Don’t look for the 4 include files sys/types.h, …, errno.h
    Search 4 includes files sys/types.h, …, errno.h – found
    Find 5 files including sys/types.h, …, ext2fs/ext2_fs.h
    Search for 5 different file types .h, …, ext2fs/ext2_fs.-s not found
    testRunning test HAVE_WORKING_EXT2_IOC_GETFLAGS – error
    Looking for 5: info sys/types.h, …, fcntl.h
    Search 5 permissions for files sys/types.h, …, fcntl.h ~found
    Search for 6 include files sys/types.h, …, grp.h
    Search includes 6 details and facts sys/types.h, …, grp.h – not found
    Six or so files include sys/types.h, …, inttypes.h
    Looking for 6 files sys/types.h, …, inttypes.h – not found
    Search for personal loan files includes sys/types.h, …, io.h
    Search should include 6 files sys/types.h, …, io.h > found
    Look for 7 to include computer data sys/types.h, …, langinfo.For h
    search 7 also contains files sys/types.h, …, langinfo.h – not only found
    Look for 7 to enable applications sys/types.h, …, limit.For h
    Search 7 includes versions sys/types.h,…,limits.-h found
    Find 8 include filess sys/types.h, …, linux/types.h
    Search 8 included files sys/types.h, …, linux/types.h – not found
    Looks like 8 given the included files sys/types.h, …, linux/fiemap.h
    Looking for 8 files sys/types.h, …, linux/fiemap.h — not found
    Look for 8 for allowed files sys/types.h, …, linux/fs.h
    The search includes 8 files sys/types.h, …, linux/fs.h – not only found
    Find 8 to enable music sys/types.h, …, linux/magic.h
    Search for included action files sys/types.h, …, linux/magic.h – not found
    Find 8 to include documents sys/types.h, …, locale.h
    Search includes 8 computer data found sys/types.h,…,locale.-h
    Looking for a job with 9 files bundled sys/types.h, …, memory.For h
    search 9 includes files sys/types.h, …, memory.- h found
    Search 10 may consist of files sys/types.h, …, paths.h
    Search Include 10 files sys/types.h, …, path.h – not found
    Find Include 10 folders sys/types.h, …, poll.h
    Search included files sys/types.h, …, poll.h – far from found
    The search includes 10 files sys/types.h, …, process.h
    Search 10 formats sys/types.h, …, process.h found
    Find twelve to include files sys/types.h, …, pthread.h
    Search 11 files including sys/types.h, …, pthread.h – not found
    Find the 11 included files sys/types.h, …, pwd.h
    View 11 filessys/types.h, …, pwd.h 1 ) not found
    Look for 11 to include files like sys/types.h, …, readpassphrase.h
    Looking for nine files sys/types.h, …, readpassphrase.h – probably not foundFind 11 to include facts sys/types.h, …, regex.h
    We are looking for 11 private files: sys/types.h, …, regex.h – not found
    Find 11 to include folders sys/types.h, …, signal.h
    Search 11 files, including sys/types.h, …, signal.h – found
    Search 12 months to include files sys/types.h, …, spawn.h
    Search Include 12 files sys/types.h, …, spawn.h – not found
    Find the 6 include files sys/types.h, …, stdarg.h
    Search Include 12 files sys/types.h, …, stdarg.h Found
    Search – 13 records containing data sys/types.h, …, stdint.For h
    search 13 provide files sys/types.h, …, stdint.h Not found
    Search 13 versions including sys/types.h, …, stdlib.For h
    find 13 entries belonging to sys/types.h, …, stdlib.h – found
    Find sixteen to include files sys/types.h, …, string.h
    Looking for 14 files sys/types.h, …, string.h – found
    Find 15 to include files sys/types.h, …, strings.h
    Search files include: 15 sys/types.h, …, strings.h – probably not found
    Looking for 15 files sys/types.h, …, sys/acl.h
    Fifteen minute file search includes sys/types.h, …, sys/acl.h – currently not availableFoundLooking for 15 files sys/types.h, …, sys/cdefs.h
    Search Include 15 documents sys/types.h, …, sys/cdefs.h – hard to find
    Looking for 15 files sys/types.h, …, sys/ioctl.h
    Search documentation include-15 sys/types.h, …, sys/ioctl.h – not found
    To reach 15, sys/types includes files.h, …, sys/mkdev.h
    Search to include 15 files sys/types.h, …, sys/mkdev.h – not found
    Looking for 16 files sys/types.h, …, sys/mount.h
    Search multiple included 15 files sys/types.h, …, sys/mount.h (spaces) not found
    Search 15 consists of files sys/types.h, …, sys/param.h
    Search files include 15 sys/types.h, …, sys/param.h – not found
    Looking for 15 files sys/types.h, …, sys/poll.h
    Search files include -21 sys/types.h, …, sys/poll.h – may not be found

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