English · January 19, 2022

How To Fix Sony Stick Format Errors

Here are some easy ways to fix Sony Stick Format Error.

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    If this error message appears, stop using the memory card with the camera as described below. Try writing a backup copy of the message data to your computer. Insert the entire memory card back into the camcorder and use the camera to create it. If the error persists, try another memory card.

    Why won’t my camera read my memory card?

    Make sure the memory card slot is not considered dirty. If the slot behind the memory card is dirty, this operation may result in an intermittent connection and the camcorder may not properly recognize some memory cards. Wipe Deadly with a dry cloth or regular Q-tip, then reinsert the reminder card.

    Select the correct error and message, then follow the troubleshooting tips.

    Fehler Beim Formatieren Des Speichers Sony Stick
    Erreur De Formatage De La Memoire Sony Stick
    Fout Formaat Geheugen Sony Stick