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How To Fix An Esx Server That Reported That The VM Configuration Is Incorrect

We hope this user guide will help you when the esx server reports that the VM configuration is invalid.

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    Typically a freshly installed Backup Exec of a new vCenter server. Error getting target group of both on virtual machines. The other four VMs are working fine.


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    esx server reported that the virtual machine configuration is invalid

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    Virtual machine status invalidation on VMWare ESXi generally occurs when we delete a connected machine and the data in the VMWare vSphere/ESXi configuration remains for some minor reason.


    As part of our services,In server management, we support our valued customers when proprietary similar machines fail.

    Today, let’s find out about these causes and effective solutions offered by our support team.

    The State Of The Virtual Machine Associated With VMWare Is Invalid.

    We Like Esxi

    It was mentioned recently that this error can occur because you are storing data in a VMWare vSphere/ESXi configuration. Also This can happen after manually deleting VM files from vmfs storage after starting vMotion.

    esx server reported that the virtual machine configuration is invalid

    In such cases, many people will not be able to remove the virtual machine using the built-in tools of the vSphere Web Client.

    see mogu



    one or more of these errors when trying to start the virtual machine:

    I could turn on the la virtual machine and never, without a swap file, can turn on the la virtual machine.
    a A generic system error has occurred. The system return contains an error. Communication with the electronic machine may have been lost.

    In this type of article, let’s see what machines are, virtual machines, how to createWhat products are available and what effective solutions are offered by these services by support engineers.

    Similar Reasons “Invalid Virtual Machine Status On VMWare ESXi”

    vCenter Server is an orphan virtual machine that exists in the vCenter Server database but no longer represents the ESX Inventory Host.

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • An “invalid” mesh machine is a VM that can be considered unreachable because the ESXi host is always offline or unavailable, the VM’s theme file is locked, corrupted, or contains an invalid parameter, etc.

    A business

    on the lost electronic machine, we need to either re-register the virtual machine or delete it through the inventory.

    Register again

    For the virtual machine, I actually access the location of the virtual machine through the data store browser and usually add it to the list of virtual machines. To remove one virtual orphan machine from the inventory, one right-clicks it and selects “Remove from Inventory”.

    The inefficiency of a VM can be caused by several reasons,This requires additional troubleshooting.


    Let’s take a look at the most common causes our technicians are currently facing.

    • ESXi Suite Not Responding Or Disabled

    We ensure that the ESXi host is available and available in terms of vCenter Server resources. If you find that the host is “down” or “not responding”, most host virtual machines will be unavailable to vCenter.

    • Virtual Machine Configuration File


    To test this, we search the virtual machine directory of each of our datastore browsers for the most efficient datastore. It must be specified (see the vm-settings-file.vmx file). If the special icon for this file is a blank new page instead of the Il vm icon, the cause might be a bit more serious.

    To check if this is a specific case, we run vmfsfilelockinfo the one for which the ESXi host is sold to confirm the machine’s virtual configuration file for the appropriate lock.

    After the workaround, we willWe kindly ask you to remove the virtual machine from your account and re-register or reboot it.

    • Setting Up A Virtual Machine Manually

    • introduced


    If there is no VM configuration, the VM may be “invalid” in the vCenter inventory.

    To verify that this has happened, go to the Submit the cheapest virtual machine to storage page in the Datastore Browser.

    this is it

    If we have a complete .vmx VM configuration file and other files available for (logs, drive purchases, etc.), we may need to rebuild the entire file.< /p>

    After re-creating the virtual machine configuration file, the real virtual machine must be deleted from the registry and saved or reloaded.

    • The Generated Config File Contains Invalid VM Options Or Text Errors

    If there is a virtual machine configuration history and an ESXi configuration is available in vCenter Server products, the vmx may be infected, contain invalid options, or build errors.

    The most commonand missing are automatic quotes, an invalid line separator, and sometimes a valid option.

    To determine the exact cause of an invalid option or text error, do the following:

    1. Reload the virtual machine configuration.
    2. Check for each host management agent log showing /var/log/hostd sie.log

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      Esx Servern Rapporterade Att Den Virtuella Maskinens Konfiguration Ar Ogiltig
      Der Esx Server Hat Gemeldet Dass Die Konfiguration Der Virtuellen Maschine Ungultig Ist
      Serwer Esx Zglosil Ze Konfiguracja Maszyny Wirtualnej Jest Nieprawidlowa
      Esx Server Heeft Gemeld Dat De Configuratie Van De Virtuele Machine Ongeldig Is
      Esx Server Soobshil Chto Konfiguraciya Virtualnoj Mashiny Nedejstvitelna
      Esx Server Ha Segnalato Che La Configurazione Della Macchina Virtuale Non E Valida
      Esx 서버에서 가상 머신 구성이 잘못되었다고 보고했습니다
      El Servidor Esx Informo Que La Configuracion De La Maquina Virtual No Es Valida
      Esx Server Relatou Que A Configuracao Da Maquina Virtual E Invalida
      Le Serveur Esx A Signale Que La Configuration De La Machine Virtuelle N Est Pas Valide