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Fixed: How To Fix Pppoe Debug Commands.

You may encounter an error message that pppoe debug commands are being executed. There are several ways to solve this problem, so we’ll talk about them in a minute.

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    The command term debug ppp error is used to display protocol complexities and error statistics related to the negotiation and operation of PPP connections, as shown in Example 3-7. These messages are sure to appear if a quality protocol type is enabled on an interface that experts believe is already using PPP.


    In remote access applications, PPP is almost the most commonly used type of encapsulation. PPP will allow two machines on a conceptual point-to-point connection to negotiate various parameters for authentication, compression, and Layer 8 (L3) protocols such as IP. A ppp negotiation failure between two routers causes the connection to fail.

    The debug ppp negotiation command finally allows you to view PPP negotiation transactions, report problems or stages in which they occur, errors, and express satisfaction. However, it is imperative that everyone understands the ppp negotiation debug command they are about to issue. This document provides a descriptive method for reading the output of the ppp command from debug streams.



    Readers of this documentation should ensure that these requirements are met with confidence:

  • On the interfaces of both routers dThe PPP protocol must be enabled. To do this, run encapsulate the ppp command.

  • Enter this command to enable timestamping in milliseconds on the router:

    Router(config)# product timestamp debug datetime msec

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  • Step 1: Download and install ASR Pro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • For more answers about debug commands, see Important information about debug commands.

    Note: PPP negotiation between two peers does not start if the bottom section (ISDN, physical interface, dialup, and therefore also enabled) PPP is not working properly. For example, if you want to run PPP over ISDN, all ISDN levels must be active; PPP does not start in all other cases.



    Obviously, this document is not limited to specific software and additional hardware versions.


    For more information about document events, see Cisco tech tips conventions.

    Confirmation Steps Ppp

    The link goes several timesprocess steps, as well as PPP negotiation, as shown in this skill sheet. As a result, PPP is either enabled or disabled.

    Stage Description
    DOWN PPP may fail at this point. This message is displayed when you terminate the connection and PPP is completely stopped:

    *Mar 23:32:50.296: BR0:1 PPP: Phase is DOWN
    CONFIGURATION PPP jumps to this point when it receives an indication that the physical layer is up and running. At this point, the LCP1 convention is fulfilled.

    How do you verify chap?

    CHAP verifies the authenticity of software from time to time using a three-way handshake. This happens during initial connection (LCP) and can happen again any time after that. The verification is based on an important shared secret (for example, the clientrrrs password).

    *Mar 3 23:32:06.884: BR0:1 PPP: phase can be described as 
    AUTHENTICATION If the connection requires PPP certification (CHAP2 or PAP3), PPP proceeds to this phase. Keep in mind that PPP authentication is unfortunately optional.

    What is LCP in Cisco?

    LCP is considered a data web page layer protocol because it works in tandem with the link layer (layer 2) in the Open System Interconnection Web 2 reference model. When an LCP takes over a connection, it establishes and configures it so that data can be transmitted over the network.

    *Tue or later 23:32:06.952:BR0:1 PPP: GENUINE phase
    BEGIN When authentication is complete, PPP goes to to the UP level. Negotiations with NCP4 are proceeding quickly.
    pppoe debug commands

    *Mar 3 23:42:53.412: BR0:1 PPP: Phase on 
    INTERRUPT PPP stops at this point.
    pppoe debug commands

    *March 3 23:43:23.256: BR0:1 PPP: Phase ENDING 

    PPP Negotiation Packets Description

    How do I verify PPP PAP authentication?

    The login sale prompts the user to enter a domain name and password.Login then attempts to verify the user by looking at the username and password entered in the password database.If the databaseThe latter includes a username and password, the user is authenticated and has access to the system.

    This diagram shows the PPP negotiation packets used in LCP and NCP negotiation:

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    Pppoe Felsokningskommandon
    Pppoe Debug Befehle
    Commandes De Debogage Pppoe
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    Pppoe 디버그 명령
    Comandi Di Debug Di Pppoe
    Polecenia Debugowania Pppoe
    Pppoe Debug Opdrachten
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