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Help Fix Word 2007 Unable To Save File Invalid Short File Name

Check out these troubleshooting tips when you receive a word 2007 error “Cannot save file, invalid short file name.”

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    are not valid short file names. This problem occurs when the My Documents folder selection is actually incorrect. To resolve this issue, change the default location of My Documents Folders. The steps to expand the default location vary depending on the Windows operating system.


  • Error 1325: Documents do not match a valid short filename

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  • Step 1: Download and install Restoro
  • Step 2: Launch the program and follow the on-screen instructions
  • Step 3: Reboot your computer for the changes to take effect

  • I get the code “Error 1325 Entries is not a valid location filename” when I try to add an update to an installed software. I tried to download Microsoft’s “Cleanup De” utility, but I get the same message. I don’t have Office XP 2002 or I always had 2007 on this computer. very This irritates my personal computer. What can I do?

    I don’t know what the idea box is in your screenshot, the following is what I see not relative to the machine ma what do you do when clicked right click on the display page?

    See if I can explain this a little better?

    In the search box, type your local library in the start menu. Open the file named “Libraries” in the start menu list, after the search is complete, right click on the “Documents (library)” subfolder. some standard button (first, make a letter indicating the location of the library).

    word 2007 cannot save file not valid short file name

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    word 2007 cannot save file not valid short file name

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    Why is my Word document not valid after saving it?

    This malware changes the file name of the word agreement to unreadable equivalents corrupts or the article content of the DOC file. In some scenarios, an MS Word file associated with a sudden abort while saving that file can also cause this error. What steps need to be taken to fix a Word file showing “File format is often incorrect” error?

    Description of Easy Transfer Windows for Vista
    http://support.microsoft.started com/kb/928635

    Do you have ChkDsk as a file that also detects error problems?

  • How to fix “the document name or path is not valid” error?

    When the software is ready to run, click “Add Files” and select the corrupted DOCX file to fix the “Document has been created or the path is valid” error. After selecting the recovery file location, click where the tool will launch the final correct recovery of the Word document.

    Error 1325 when uninstalling SQL Server Compact 3.5 for Devices. Documents is probably not a valid optional file alias.

    I tried to completely remove parts of SQL Server Compact 3 edition.5 v (there were or maybe parts); part three, which

    Microsoft SQL Server Compact 3.5 for Devices ENG

    is not removed, and I get the error “Microsoft SQL Server 8 compact.5 for Devices” (suggesting it might be related to the > itself)

    READ: application?)

    Is there a valid way to remove this given the problem or some other workaround?

    I think this is a good plan to answer my story(!), but I’m happy to say it’s a Microsoft utility solved my current problem. I ran it, it searched my system, then it asked us all if I wanted to uninstall the installer or the program, selected it and uninstalled it, but found it right away and gave me a list of built-in programs. I chose Serversql 3 compact for 5 devices specific from the list. They asked me if I wanted to uninstall it (for a moment I imagine I already did and I don’t remember – don’t), anyway, I have a dedicated uninstall utility hosted and this shouldn’t be a problem. very helpful great. I don’t know if the source of the error and this policy is specific to Windows 7 64 bit running on my Dell Latitude E6530, or if you think it’s a general problem, but it can be identified. I will never know the depths, because at least I will most likely continue.


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  • Why is Word saying my file name is invalid?

    Go to “Settings”, find “Update” and click “SecurityWindows Center Update and check for updates. If the error persists, all of your Office files may have been corrupted and you need to repair them.

    Windows Setup – “Error 1325 – ‘Documents’ is not a valid image short name”; After upgrading from Vista to Windows Unable to 7, download new software. ____

    After upgrading from Vista to Windows 7, everything worked fine on your system. to what I have tried if you need to reinstall misplaced software or install new software. Startup After the Windows Installer, aThe main error message is: “Error 1) 1325 ‘Documents’ is not a valid shorter filename.

    Could this have something to do with the new fixes adapting MSFT security permissions to the (locked) version as well as hardwiring connections hiding them through the current system to the user during upgrade level?

    I tried a fresh install of Lenovo’s Human Body Update and MSFT’s Windows Installer Cleanup, hoping that this software would solve my problems. See the link below for advice from MSFT on my same error.

    How do I fix file name is not valid?

    Remove any specific unsupported characters from the name associated with the file.rename a file that normally cannot be changed to a shorter name.rename the folders if you have the file on your hard drive.Move the file to allow it to access a different path on your PC.

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